February 2008

Giant Frog From Hell

This giant frog lived 70 million years ago in Madagascar, and was the size of a beachball. From what scientists can tell, it ate whatever could fit in it’s (huge) mouth. The thing looks like it could eat a Yorkie. The little frog in front of it in the picture is the largest frog living in Madagascar today…

blue_red_buttons.jpgEtsy is selling these buttons. Famous paradox; makes your head spin a bit. :)

Wooden Bike

A company in Portland, Oregon (naturally), Renovo Hardwood Bicycles, makes these absolutely beautiful bikes out of hardwood. They use special computer-controlled machines to carve the wood (and the frame is also hollowed out). They only weigh about 20 lbs. The ride is supposed to be really smooth as the wood dampens vibrations. Just way cool! No price listed, but since each one is custom-made (out of ash, cherry or purpleheart), I’m thinking not cheap.