Another great Board Game Group evening last night: War of the Ring. I really like this game – it follows the theme of the Lord of the Rings well, and the gameplay allows for narrative description as quoted below.

We had 4 interested so we played the “multiplayer” version; two of us played the Free People, and two played Shadow. I was on the Shadow side (again). This was the first time playing with 4 (usually I’ve played 2-player). I liked the cooperative aspect of two per side.

Great game, and it flew by. I had to leave the game early -about 3 hours in (I never do that; but I had to pick up some allergy meds for Olivia who was still up and miserable at 11:30). That is one other benefit to team play: the game didn’t have to end because I had to leave.

George sent me a recap of what happened after I left. I thought his overview was fantastic; he gave permission to post his recap below. Also, he has painted (most) of the figures used in the game – great job and it really adds to the aesthetic enjoyment we get from playing!

We finished out the action dice you were using, and rolled them once more. We were finished by 1am, probably a little before.

Gondor besieged Minas Tirith to set up Rohan’s use of the “Paths of the Woses” to get Eomer & Theoden’s army to North Ithilien and within striking distance of Mordor. The orcs of Dol Guldur, having taken Dale from the Northmen, threatened both the Woodland Realm and Erebor, but didn’t do more than sword-rattling. The Rohirrim stormed the Black Gate at Morannon, slaughtering the cave troll there.

Aragorn led his army south to Pelargir, reclaiming that. Sauron mustered forces in Mordor, and Saruman raised more Dunlendings. Aragorn’s force headed south to besiege Umbar while the Rohirrim held their position in Morannon. The first battle at Umbar was a brutal one, lasting for 3 rounds. The Gondorians fought bravely, killing all but one stalwart Southron, but not without cost; over half of Gondor’s mighty army lay buried in those blood-soaked fields.

Rohan mustered a token defense in Edoras to ward off attackers from Helm’s Deep, denying Saruman an easy victory. Sauron directed another force of Southrons to relieve Umbar, but Aragorn’s leadership proved too strong for the war oliphaunts, and Gondor repelled the attack with nary a casualty. The battle proved tiring for the Gondorians, however, as they attempted 2 more attacks on Umbar. Sauron made a few last ditch recruiting efforts, but it was too little too late to claim any of the lightly defended Free People strongholds.

As the time drew short, Aragorn and his last 2 Gondorian soldiers made a final push against the gates of Umbar, and prevailed!

Final score FPMV, FP: 4, SP: 7

The Fellowship sat 4 regions outside of Rivendell for most of the game, with Gollum as their guide. The Elves and Dwarves sat on their collective butts, toasting the prowess of Men with wine and malt beer, respectively.

This was a really good game, and pretty tense.