January 2013

We played a 4-player War of the Ring last night. Game was about 5 hours. I played Sauron, George played Saruman, Mike and Dave played the Free Peeps. The Free peeps won by dropped the ring into Mount Doom; but we Shadow players almost won as well, with 8 of 10 victory points. We mis-played some of the new rules/cards in the 2nd edition, but still had fun. The Fellowship basically ran all the way from just outside Rivendell to Mordor by moving 9 regions at once. Shadow hunted them all along the way, but the dice favored the Free Peeps. Precious!

Dylan and I played a game of Trajan last week. I won, but only by a few points (something like 145:137). Fun game. Now that we have the mechanics down, the game time really is ~30 min per player. Fun!

We finished our game of Twilight Imperium on Wednesday (continued from previous Wed). In our 4-player game, only one of us had played before. Fun game, though it will take a number of plays to get all the rules, actions, special tech, etc. down. However this game doesn’t get to the table very often due to its length.

I’d play it again, but only if nothing else more interesting was offered (e.g. Eclipse, War of the Ring, or some new game I haven’t played).