Yesterday at the British information center the Lady had found out about a place called “half price tickets” that sell theater tix at (half) price for that evening’s performance. She really wanted to see some real London/British theater, so she got up and journeyed out to the place. We had wanted to get tickets to see a Shakespeare play in the Globe, but they were totally sold out. We said we’d meet at the Bus Tour stop in Trafalgar square at 11:30. If either of us couldn’t make it, we’d try it again at 12:30, etc. So, I had some time to go find some bookstores.

Around the corner from the Hotel is a little Internet cafe, so I brought my laptop in and was able to check email, etc. via wireless (at 1 pound/hour).

Put the laptop back in the room and headed off to Charing Cross. Bought two Boswell’s at a shop (Rees and O’Neil) in the bookstore alley off Charing’s Cross. Also found a first edition Topper at another shop there (Tindley and Chapman). I got to the bus stop at 11:35 (by my watch). Missed the Lady; I waited around a bit, and then had a pint of Guinness and a chicken sandwich at the “Two Chairmen” pub. The Lady wasn’t at the bus stop at 12:30 or 1:30 either! I was beginning to wonder if we were going to the same bus stop. We finally met up at 2:30. Turns out our watches were off by about 5 minutes in opposite directions. :)

We took the subway to the British Museum. It’s free to get in. Bit of a mis-communication ensued, and we got split up. I got a tour book and did the “Intro to Ancient Civ” tour – Egypt, Assyria, Greece, Rome, and Roman Britain. Some mummies, but it turns out the good mummy exhibit was separate and required tickets. I didn’t have time to see a tenth of the museum in the ~2.5 hours we were there (they shoo you out at 5:30).

The large Egyptian statues were impressive – and some were 4000 years old! Ditto the Assyrian statues (even older, some). The sculptures and friezes from the Greek Parthenon were amazing in their detail. I took lots of pictures! Next time I have to come up with a system to notate such things; there’s going to be no good way for me to know what a given statue is “of”. Maybe I can match them up with a guide book.

Found out later that the Lady had been to the Reading Room. I would have loved to see that. But the museum closes at 5:30. Staff starts herding people through rooms, shutting doors behind as they clear rooms. Eventually everyone gets dumped into the great Hall and entrance area. Efficient way to clear the place out. I DEFINITELY want to go back to this museum!

Stopped by the Museum Tavern after the museum – directly across the street. Had a couple of pints and rested at the bar. When the waitress poured the Guinness, she finished it off by swirling the glass so a little shamrock was outlined in the beer head. :)

The Lady had purchased tickets to “Chicago” earlier in the day (turns out that was all that was available). We took the tube back to Charing Cross Station, since the theatre (Adelphia) was on Strand. We stopped by “Porters Restuarant”. It’s an “authentic English food” place. Delicious dinner! I had an appetizer of Chicken Liver pate with garlic and Guinness. It was homemade, and came in a little crock, with bread on the side. Delicious!! The entre was steak, mushroom, and Guinness pie (with puffed pastry on top). I had it with chips and a Guinness. Again, Delicious!

Turns out that Chicago was just phenomenal! David Hasselhorf (the Babe Watch dude) played the lawyer, but the women were just stunning (and great actresses). The live band was absolutely fantastic. Loved the music (and the band). We had good seats- 6th row on the floor, left side.

We got back to the Hotel about 11:30. Got to sleep a few hours later. :)