First Easter Egg Hunt at the Shrine of St. Anthony in Ellicott City, MD. The Friary had 2000 eggs; Fr. Michael said they didn’t know whether they would end up with 2 kids with 1,000 eggs each, or too many kids and not enough eggs. It was a very large turnout, but I think everyone got some eggs. Preston loved running to get the eggs. Olivia asked me to carry her to them. :)

The Hunt started at 10am, with Father Michael saying “Alleluia” as the start word…by 10:10 I’d say all the eggs were found.

We visited Fr. Joe at his “farm” plot behind the Shrine. He raises chickens as well as veggies, so Preston and Olivia got to see some “real” chicks. Preston got his finger pecked – twice. Guess once wasn’t enough to register. They had a great time, and the weather was wonderful.

We recently went to a local charity event (horse show) and Preston rode a pony (many times; “Again!”). So, we took him to the local stable (they had been at the event) to check things out. This weekend he had his first real lesson, on a nice, big horse! He loved it; steered the horse himself, trotted, used proper hand position on the reins, etc. Initially the horse was on a lead (held by instructor), but later during the lesson the instructor let the horse free, so Preston navigated cones, etc. himself. The instructor was always right nearby, pointing out the direction Preston should go. It was wonderful to see him so happy, and to take to riding so quickly (I think I was 11 when I had my first lesson; Preston is just shy of 6). He kept asking the instructor when they could gallop. Great instructor, horse, venue. Wonderful afternoon. :)

Dylan’s youth basketball game today. Dylan’s team won, 31-25. They are 8-2 now! Nice to see Dylan hustle, and enjoy himself. Good game, Dylan!

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Yearly (attempt) at a Christmas portrait of the kids (see last year…). This year the youngest two were smiling a lot more than Big Brother Dylan (most of those now toast). Note however, that when Preston and Olivia asked if they could hold their “friends” (Mr. Duck and Skippit Dog), Dylan also had to run upstairs to get his Elephant. :)

We haven’t decided on the official one yet. Might be a collage. :) Click picture for slideshow…

Christmas Portrait 2011

Christmas Portrait 2011

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