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Wisdom of a Five Year old

Me: Olivia, did you have a bath last night?
O: “yep
Me: No you didn’t, you were in your PJs when I left.

O: Then why did you ask me if you already knew the answer?
Me: I remembered after I asked you.
O: Next time take some time to think about it before you ask me.


CooCoo Balancing Clown

Games with the kids tonight- Olivia’s choice was CooCoo; she was thrilled to win by placing last cylinder on CooCoo without causing him to topple!

Bento Boxes – no more boring lunches

Inspiration hit; I saw some cute bentobox lunches online and decided I’d try my hand. This past week the kids had these for lunch:

Launching a Rocket

We didn’t have any live critters to put in the payload, so Preston picked a flower.

We managed to launch the rocket 9 times tonight. For the last launch (not shown, unfortunately), I put the little micro flashlight from my keychain into the payload. It was past dusk, so hard to see – but with the flashlight in the payload area, the nosecone of the rocket was totally lit up! So nice to see this light dropping from the sky. That last one was the easiest to track!

I would have caught this last one on video, but Preston kinda launched a wee bit prematurely: “Ten, Nine, Ignition! ” What happened to 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1??? Again, very happy for that launcher key while I was attaching the igniter. Oh well, it looked really cool.

Engines were C6-5’s, the largest that fit in this rocket. This particular rocket has a plastic tail area with a twist-on engine stop, so it is really easy to reload with a new engine. Nice design, and quite sturdy.

I like the new igniters these engines come with: they have little plastic plugs that you push in to hold the igniter securely into contact with the engine. Back in the day when I was launching rockets as a kid, it was just a bare wire, and we had to use tape to hold it in. Many false ignitions/failures. But these new igniters with the plug to maintain contact work like a charm!

The launcher we used has a neat little “key” that you have to insert, and then you also have to hold down an “arm” button (which lights up an indicator light). While holding the “arm” button down, you then press the “launch” button to fire the rocket. This is a very safe mechanism. I just had to tell Preston to “remove the key” while I was attaching the launcher leads to the engine igniter – that way there was no way he was going to press the launch button by mistake and fire it off in my hands!

I remember using a small metal toolbox as my launcher. I drilled some holes in the top and put in a toggle switch, a light, and a button switch. Worked the same way as today’s pre-made ones – though I didn’t use a key; you used the toggle switch to “arm” the launcher (lit the light) and then the button switch to launch. Wish I could find that little launcher – would be cool to let Preston use it. But it is long gone. :(

Favorite quote from the launches: “I got it! Hey!! That’s hot!”

Second favorite quote: “Whaddya mean the kids have to chase after the rocket? Next time we are bringing Dylan!”

First Day of School 2014

Preston and Olivia off to school; Kindergarten and First Grade!

Preston and Olivia off to the bus stop, first day of school.

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