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    Wisdom of a Five Year old

    Me: Olivia, did you have a bath last night? O: “yep” Me: No you didn’t, you were in your PJs when I left. (Pause) O: Then why did you ask me if you already knew the answer? Me: I remembered after I asked you. (Pause) O: Next time take some time to think about it before you ask me. Sigh

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    Launching a Rocket

    We didn’t have any live critters to put in the payload, so Preston picked a flower. We managed to launch the rocket 9 times tonight. For the last launch (not shown, unfortunately), I put the little micro flashlight from my keychain into the payload. It was past dusk, so hard to see – but with the flashlight in the payload area, the nosecone of the rocket was totally lit up! So nice to see this light dropping from the sky. That last one was the easiest to track! I would have caught this last one on video, but Preston kinda launched a wee bit prematurely: “Ten, Nine, Ignition! ” What…

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