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    Rarest Dice Masters Card

            Preston and I are getting into  Dice Masters lately. This is a collectible card/dice tabletop game. Like other collectible card games, you buy booster packs and never know what you will get until you open them. Preston and I love the thrill of cracking open a new pack to see what you get. It’s nice when you get a box (of 90) booster packs to open with your son, and a single card more than pays for the whole box (or would if sold). The Full-art, ultra-rare Black Lantern Batman (see picture) we snagged is currently going for about $100.00 on ebay and From what I…

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    Roll for the Galaxy Board Game

    I have never played Race for the Galaxy (the game upon which this one is based), but the new Roll For The Galaxy game was intriguing on it’s own because: I like dice, world building, worker placement and only minor attacking/screwage. I just finished a play with my 16-year old. Easy game to learn, and I enjoyed it (my teen hates all non-video games so his opinion is moot). I didn’t think it was too random as you can mitigate your dice rolls via a “reassign” option as well as by making sure you have a lot of dice to play with. When you explore, you have the option of…

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    Wisdom of a Five Year old

    Me: Olivia, did you have a bath last night? O: “yep” Me: No you didn’t, you were in your PJs when I left. (Pause) O: Then why did you ask me if you already knew the answer? Me: I remembered after I asked you. (Pause) O: Next time take some time to think about it before you ask me. Sigh

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    Installing a Garbage Disposal

    Our old garbage disposal was leaking and really reeking (I think it corroded to the point where garbage was festering in parts it shouldn’t be in). I picked up a new Insinkerator Badger 15ss – 3/4 hp with stainless steel grinders at the local Lowes. I wasn’t expecting this to be a very difficult install as it was replacing an existing disposal and same brand. Well, it took about 1.5 hours. I had neglected to figure in my 5 and 8 year-old helpers. My helpers spent most of the time arguing over who would hold the flashlight. This was even less useful when one of them discovered it had a…

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