Our old garbage disposal was leaking and really reeking (I think it corroded to the point where garbage was festering in parts it shouldn’t be in). I picked up a new Insinkerator Badger 15ss – 3/4 hp with stainless steel grinders at the local Lowes.

I wasn’t expecting this to be a very difficult install as it was replacing an existing disposal and same brand. Well, it took about 1.5 hours. I had neglected to figure in my 5 and 8 year-old helpers.

My helpers spent most of the time arguing over who would hold the flashlight. This was even less useful when one of them discovered it had a strobe setting. There were also a number of “discussions” about the correct (i.e. prettiest color) wire nuts to use. We also discovered that plumbers putty is just as much fun as play dough and that the dog won’t eat it. That later bit was surprising.

All in all a good install; my first disposal replacement. Now to replace the batteries in my flashlight…