Last week I read an interesting article in my company’s newsletter about a coworker who recently got back into model rocketry. He’s into the very large rockets (the ones that go like 50,000 feet up, and require coordination with air traffic, etc.). Anyway that renewed my own long-dormant (like 30 years) interest in model rockets, so this past weekend Preston, Dylan and I went out and launched (a smallish) one! This particular one is a simple, pre-built model. That way I could at least try it out with the boys to see if they liked it, but not have to spend a whole day building one. :) Anyway, yes, they loved it!

See below this text for a Photo gallery of the event…

This model has a payload section, but Preston had second thoughts at the last minute about sending “Sherman” up (his earwig he found earlier in the day, and was to be the test pilot). So we sent up a dandelion he found on the field where we launched the rocket (behind Dylan’s school).

Yep, had all the excitement I remembered – but none of the frustration. Seems the new igniters (vs. 30 years ago) are much more reliable, and they also come with plastic plugs that you use to ensure good contact with the engine. Result: a successful engine start each time!

Dylan was the “retriever”; he actually ran after the rockets without coercion, and convinced Preston to let him “press the button” at least once. Thus, I *know* he enjoyed himself. No mystery regarding Preston: when asked last night whether he wanted me to go to the store to get more engines to fire up more rockets, he said “Yes! Get a hundred so we can do it a hundred more times!” :):)

I had a picture of Preston standing next to the rocket as well, but unfortunately it was out of focus, so just imagine a little dude next to the rocket…

I already have another rocket (some assembly required ), so this might become a more regular outing. I’ll have Preston help with the assembly. We’ll see how she flies! :)