Some “new” ancient coins for Preston’s collection. The youngest is over 1600 years old. The oldest is over 2300 years old! More than two thousand years. I get a kick out of holding a coin that was used to buy something so long ago, and could have traveled around the ancient world in somebody’s “pocket” (or whatever). These are our first real ancient coins. I suspect we will be scouting for more as time goes on…

Some history of the coins:

The Honorius is neat: On 23 January 393, Theodosius I proclaimed his son Honorius, age 8, co-ruler (Augustus) of the Western Roman Empire. Thought Preston would appreciate that. The coin is a bit smaller than a US nickel.

The Greek Philip II is nice, though harder to see details. Philip II became the ruler of all Greece when he defeated the Athenians at the Battle of Chaeroneia in 338 B.C. Philip personally selected the design of his coins. His horse, on the reverse of this coin, won a race in the Olympic Games in 356 B.C., the year his son Alexander the Great was born. The coin is about the size of a US penny, but thicker.

And the Silver denarius? Just looked freakin cool. Silver! Annona was the goddess of harvest and her main attribute is grain. This reverse suggests the arrival of grain by sea from the provinces (especially from Africa) and its distribution to the people. The coin is about the size of a US dime.

I haven’t done a lot of macro photography, so I suspect my images of coins will get better over time. Still working on lighting.

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Preston and I are getting into  Dice Masters lately. This is a collectible card/dice tabletop game. Like other collectible card games, you buy booster packs and never know what you will get until you open them. Preston and I love the thrill of cracking open a new pack to see what you get.

It’s nice when you get a box (of 90) booster packs to open with your son, and a single card more than pays for the whole box (or would if sold). The Full-art, ultra-rare Black Lantern Batman (see picture) we snagged is currently going for about $100.00 on ebay and CoolStuffInc.com. From what I can determine it is the priciest card/die currently in the Dice Masters universe. Nice! WizKids only just started such ‘ultra rare’ (purple stripe) cards with the Age of Ultron expansion (we didnt get any ultra-rares from that set), which was released just prior to this new ‘War of Light’ expansion…

Yeah, as soon as this baby was opened, it was double-sleeved and then put in a hard plastic collectible card holder. :)

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Sprouting in back yard :)


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Game night was at my house last night. Got three games in: King of New York, Tokaido, and a worker placement euro (named something like iL Toscana):

I fared poorly in Tokaido, tieing for last place. But I hung around in King of New York until Phil took himself out plus two others (me and Pat) to leave Pete standing. In the last game of the night, I barely eeked out a victory (by one point) in Toscana.

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Roll For The Galaxy (RftG) and Tokaido made it to the table at Steve’s. Roll For The Galaxy is a newly released game, similar to Race for the Galaxy (which I have never played), and I am really enjoying it.

RftG scratches a number of gaming itches: Exploration, Civ building and … Dice! Tokaido is a lightweight but fun game of collecting stuff on a journey to Tokaido (Tokyo). It came out in 2012, but I only recently discovered it. Pretty board. :)

I only took one picture for Roll For The Galaxy (too absorbed!)…

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